Youth Ministry

Each ELCJHL congregation has a Youth Ministry program. This nature of this ministry is engaging the youth of our church, anywhere from post-confirmation to 29 years of age.

Finding programs that allow young adults to connect with other youth in this walk of life is very important. Our youth are the next generation of the church, and supporting their faith journeys is one of the most important things we can do as a church community.

The ELCJHL youth ministry program has events that cater both to individual congregations in their respective locations, as well as synod-wide events that are open to youth from any congregation in the ELCJHL. These events are important, because they bring together Lutheran youth from across the country to build community together.

Pastor Rodny Said of the Ramallah Church of Hope is the Director of Youth Ministry for the ELCJHL. He helps to coordinate, facilitate, and plan events and programming for the youth of the synod.