The Diaconal Ministry of the ELCJHL

The Diaconal Ministry of the ELCJHL

Diaconal Ministry has always been a component of the ELCJHL, but in recent years we have been working with international funders and local organizations to centralize our diaconal work with the Diaconal Center. The restructured Diaconal Ministry includes our Deaf Ministry program, financial aid to local families (including housing bills, school fee, and medical bills assistance), spiritual counseling, our Ramallah “Meals on Wheels” program, food aid assistance, and community events.

We work with local organizations so there is a sustainable and competent system of emergency care that is accessible for community members who need it. Through home visits, coordination with our pastors and local humanitarian organizations and initiatives, our center works to systemize financial assistance to vulnerable community members in need of support paying medical bills, school fees, house bills, and more. 

Furthermore, as the Diaconal Center is a ministry of the ELCJHL, we also offer spiritual counseling to all visitors who need it. We live in a context which often challenges hope, faith, and positive outlooks. Through guided spiritual counseling, many find peace and comfort in the Gospel, and are able to see their situation in a way that allows their faith to grow alongside challenges and obstacles.

ELCJHL Deaf Ministry

The Deaf Ministry is a weekly group meeting of interested members of our wider community who are deaf. At these weekly gatherings, members socialize, and are engaged with programming coordinated by the Diaconal Ministry. In the past, meetings have included hikes, zumba sessions, and trips.

As there is often little support or infrastructure to support those in our community without hearing, this group provides companionship and guidance. Our Jerusalem pastor of the Arabic speaking congregation, pastor Fursan Zumot, studies sign language and offers frequent lessons on sign language to the members of this group.


Abraham’s Herbergage, Beit Jala

View our short documentary on this amazing ministry here.


Director of the Diaconal Ministry in the ELCJHL: Mrs. Rana Zeidan M.S.W.

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