ELCJHL Gender Justice Conference

Faith leaders, governmental officials, and community members gathered in Ramallah yesterday for the ELCJHL Women’s Desk’s second annual national conference entitled “The Path to Gender Justice from a National and Religious Perspective”. This event occurred as part of the #16DaysofActivisim campaign.

After opening words from Bishop Ibrahim Azar, online and in-person participants heard from important women leaders in both religious and governmental positions, as well as male leaders who are using their platforms to fight for gender justice in Palestine too.After the presentations and a Q and A session, the conference opened a discussion weighing the role religion and culture can play in achieving equality and equity between the genders.

The conference was also the world premiere for the documentary produced under ELCJHL’s Women’s Desk “Lutheran Family Laws in Palestine”, which tells the story of the journey of creating a Lutheran court system that allows women equal rights in matters such as divorce, inheritance, and domestic abuse. This documentary will be made available to international audiences in the coming week.

Many thanks to all our wonderful presenters, to our filmmaker Walid Kamar and all those involved in the documentary, and special thanks to our Gender Justice Project Manager Ms. Ranan Issa for the immense amount of hard work she put in to both the documentary and this conference. We are inspired by the presentations we heard yesterday, and hope to use them as a church and a community to continue the journey toward gender justice in Palestine.


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