Our Programs

The Educational Programs of the ELCJHL extend the reach of our Educational Ministries in order to serve the broader educational needs of the Palestinian people. They reach many different age and interest groups, addressing the questions and concerns of Palestinian families and empowering them for work in their communities.

Below are just a few examples of the ELCJHL Educational Ministries’ involvement and impact on Palestinian life and culture. Click on the highlighted program links in each description to learn more about these exciting ministries:

  • The Al-Mahaba Kindergarten on the Mount of Olives in Jerusalem offers a warm, bright, and safe place for the children of East Jerusalem – Muslim and Christian, local and international – to learn and grow together.
  • The Environmental Education Center in Beit Jala invites students from all over the West Bank to learn not only about the local ecosystem, but also about care of creation, world geography, and international human rights through their varied programs.
  • The Martin Luther Community Development Center in the heart of the Old City of Jerusalem opens its doors to Muslim and Christian elders, offering a space for the social, mental, and physical activities and recreation.

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