Bishop Azar Visits Diocese of Strangnas in Sweden

Bishop Azar accompanied Bishop Johan in ordaining two new priests and two new deacons into service in the Swedish Church and the Diocese of Strängnäs last week.
The bishop reminded that the anointed, just like the lost sheep on the shepherd’s shoulders, are always carried by God.
Julia Diurlin Insulander will serve the year as a pastor adjunct in Torshälla congregation. Johnny Stigesjö will serve this year as a pastor adjunct in Hölö-Mörkö congregation. Pernilla Ljungberg serves as a deacon in Almby parish, Örebro pastorate. Frida Thunberg serves as a deacon in the Kiladalen congregation.
Bishop Azar offered a blessing, and read the Gospel in Arabic for this occassion.
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