Our Church Office Staff

Bishop Sani Ibrahim Azar

Presiding Bishop to the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Jordan and the Holy Land

email: ibrahimazar@yahoo.de

Rev. Fursan Zumot

Pastor of Arabic Speaking Congregation, Director of Deaf Ministry

Bassem Thabet

Director of Operations

email: bthabet@elcjhl.org

Tamara Zahran

Administrative Assistant to the Bishop

email: tzahran@elcjhl.org

Nahla Azar

Women’s Desk Director

Ranan Issa

Gender Justice Program Manager

email: elcjhlwomendesk@gmail.com

Maddi Froiland

Communication Officer

email: elcjhl.communication@gmail.com

Rev. Adam Miller-Stubbendick

Interim Pastor of the Redeemer English-Speaking Congregation, ELCA YAGM Country Coordinator

email: adam.miller-stubbendick@elca.org

Rev. Jordan Miller-Stubbendick

ELCA YAGM Country Coordinator

email: jordan.miller-stubbendick@elca.org

Rev. Dr. Meghan Aelabouni

Theologian in Residence, ELCA

email: meghan.aelabouni@elca.org

Rev. Gabi Aelabouni

Director for the Middle East & North Africa Desk, ELCA

email: gabi.aelabouni@elca.org

Adeeb Muribia

Chief Financial Officer

email: amuribia@elcjhl.org

Doris Atik

Church Accountant

email: dorisatik@live.com

Nader Nassar

Church Accountant

email: nnassar@elcjhl.org

Yacoub Mussa

Visa Specialist, Driver for the Bishop

Antoinette Karam

Executive Manager of Church Printing Press

email: at3237@hotmail.com

Bassam Musallam

Chief Receptionist

Yacoub Khoury

Chief Facilities Manager