Public Transport

  • Lightrail
    – West Jerusalem & Israel
    – ?
  • Palestinian Bus
    – website?
    – Blue / White
    – #75 from Mt. Olives to Damascus Gate
    – run every day, but reduced / limited on Fridays
    – ~4 NIS per ride; no transfer ticket; best to buy punch card
  • Israeli Bus
    – website?
    – Green / White
    – (what is the cost?)

Bus Lines & Shuttle Services

  • Egged Bus Lines
    – website is very funky; can only activate one menu before it locks up
    – reload if this happens and then try again
  • Nesher Shared Taxi
    – website
    (is this the official site?)
    – door-to-door service to / from airport in Tel Aviv
    – call for pick-up TO airport 24 hrs in advance
    – must have cell phone for confirmation
    – they are often 5-10 minute early and will NOT wait
    – can grab any one back from the Airport from the lower (ground) level
    WARNING! calling for a pick-up can be a hit / miss experience as they might hang-up repeatedly if you speak only English; try to find a native Hebrew or Arabic speaker to make arrangements
  • Light rail
    – (website?)
    – (cost?)

Car Rentals
Renting a car in Israel is really quite simple. Near the King David Street YMCA, walking distance from the Jafa Gate at the Old City (due west to the end of the Manilla Mall, then south along King David Street for 2 city blocks) all major international and a local brand are available for hire. The cost for a small car is equivalent to $25-35 a day. Keep in mind that standard rentals are not allowed to cross the border into Egypt nor Jordan.

This website is helpful in finding the best options in Jerusalem.

Travel Agents

  • Green Olive Tours is a social enterprise tour agency providing tours that are informative and analytical, covering the history, culture, and political geography of Palestine (West Bank) and Israel.
  • Alternative Tour Group (ATG) is a Palestinian NGO specialised in tours that present a critical look at the history, culture and politics of Palestine and its complex relationship with Israel. (often partners with Green Olive Tours)
  • Abraham Hostel Tours offer tours all around Israel and the West Bank leaving each day from the Abraham Hostel, and provide tours to Jordan and Egypt as well.
  • Universal Tourist Agency is used by the LWF. Contact Samer Tarazi at or +972 (2) 628 4383.

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