Money & Post

Cash & ATMS
The currency of trade is a the “New Israeli Shekel” (NIS). Before heading into the streets to barter and purchase, you may want to know the current currency exchange rate. This does not mean the local shops will follow it daily, but at least you will know if you are in the ballpark. 10-15% higher is ok but 2x is not.

American credit and debit cards function at almost all Israel ATMs. Remember to proactively tell your credit or debit card company that you will travel overseas else your card is likely to be temporarily shutdown.


  • East Jerusalem: ?
  • Old City: there is an ATM outside the Information Office just inside the Jafa Gate.
  • West Jerusalem: Manilla Mall (near the North Face store, same side)


    <li><em>East Jerusalem: In the Old City: Shaaban A. Amer of the Ali Baba Souvenir Shop, Christian Quarter Road, Shop No. 14.  You can get a map from someone or have someone who has been here before take you and introduce you.</li>

Post Office
There is a post office near the Jafa Gate (inside the wall), up the road a bit (to your right if the gate is to your back). The main office is up Jafa Street (follow the light rail tracks from Jafa gate) a little more than 1 block. An easy walk from the Old City.

Keep in mind that office hours are not what we expect in the U.S., closing for several Jewish holidays and always for the shabot (Friday evening through Saturday evening) but open Sunday.

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