Food & Markets

  • Mount of Olives: there is a wonderful fresh produce stand at the bottom of the hill from Mount of Olives, across from the corner of the football field. The owner is friendly, willing to help with learning Arabic, and charges consistent, fair prices according to the scale at the counter. His produce selection is in constant rotation and his refrigerated section offers the only selection of greens available in the local area, without visiting a more traditional supermarket. In addition, just across the road and 3 doors down (same side as the football field) is a smaller shop with the usual supply of junk food in addition to yogurt (salted and unsalted), baking flour, and a selection of nuts and chocolates. The owner will memorize your name the first time and welcome you as you enter. Prices are not negotiable, but with volume he provides a discount.
  • Jerusalem, Old City: ?
  • West Jerusalem: ?
  • Bethlehem: ?
  • Ramallah: ?


  • Jerusalem, Old City:
    • The best pizza is just up Muristan (visible from the front door as you turn South / Left) from the Redeemer Church and the best falafel sandwich at the first “Y” having entered the Damascus gate.
  • West Jerusalem: ?
  • Bethlehem:

  • Ramallah: ?

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