ELCJHL Synod Adopts Gender Justice Policy

The ELCJHL Synod looks over their revised Constitution before it was put to a vote. (© D. Hudson/ELCJHL)
The ELCJHL Synod looks over their revised Constitution before it was put to a vote. (© D. Hudson/ELCJHL)

BEIT JALA – On Friday, February 27th, 2015, the Synod of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Jordan and the Holy Land voted to adopt a Constitution for their Ecclesiastical Court – a court that was given authority to deal in family matters starting on January 1st, 2015 by Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas – based in gender equality.   The Constitution voted on by the Synod accepted equality in family life, including equal inheritance between male and female members in a family.  The prevailing constitutions for Ecclesiastical Courts often give women 1/8th of the inheritance of men.  Through the good work of the Women’s Desk of the ELCJHL and the entirety of the ELCJHL in regards to women’s issues and gender equality, the Lutheran Church has adopted the gender justice policy – the only Constitution of its kind in the Middle East.

ELCJHL Elections

Congratulations to our New Synod President – Rev. Sani Ibrahim Azar – and to All Newly Elected Leaders!

Here are the complete results of the ELCJHL Synod elections held Jan. 20th for the 11th legislative period:

Synod – The Legislative Body

  • Synod President:Rev. Sani Ibrahim Azar
  • Synod Vice President: Mr. Saliba Zeidan
  • Synod Secretary: Leena Al Hanna
  • Synod Cooptive Members:
    • Mr. David Tannous
    • Mr. Adel Khadder
    • Mr. Mikhail Younan
    • Mr. Rizek Amer

Church Council – The Executive Body

  • Bishop Dr. Munib A. Younan, Chairperson in his capacity as head of ELCJHL
  • Rev. Sani Ibrahim Azar, In his capacity as President of the Synod
  • Rev. Jadallah Shihadeh
  • Rev. Dr. Mitri Raheb
  • Mr. Hani Odeh
  • Mr. Jack Bahbah
  • Mr. Sani Kasabreh

The Evangelical Lutheran School Board (ELSB)

  • Mr.Abdallah Awwad
  • Mr. Alfred Musallam
  • Mr. Adel Khadder
  • Mrs. Muna Tannous

Please keep them in your thoughts and prayers!

Every five years, each congregation elects new council members who then meet to elect the synod of 37 members and a president, deputy president and secretary. For the first time, the leaders elected a woman to one of the top positions of secretary. In addition, 4 other women were elected.

Mrs.Muna Tannous, newly elected to the new Ramallah council pictured at left, is excited to take on new challenges. She said they will examine and explore all the various ministries of the church before deciding priorities and activities.