Bishop Younan and the ELCJHL Mourn the Death of ELCA Bishop John Schreiber

Bishop Younan and the ELCJHL are deeply saddened by the great loss of our brother in Christ,  Bishop John Schreiber of the ELCA’s Southeast Michigan Synod, our partner synod.  We considered him a wise prophet who spoke out on behalf of peace with justice in Palestine/Israel.  He understood our realities on the ground here and was a cherished friend who worked with us in a common mission.  May God Bless his life and ministry, and grant comfort and support to his family, friends and colleagues.

Southeast Michigan Youth and Adults Visit ELCJHL

A delegation of youth and adults from the Southeast Michigan Synod of the ELCA visited the ELCJHL and its youth in late June. The group spent three days with the youth of Bethlehem, Beit Jala and Beit Sahour, first working at the Beit Sahour school, painting lines for the soccer field and planting/cleaning the grounds. They toured the wall in Bethlehem and a refugee camp there and together they added their creative expressions to the wall. In Jerusalem, they helped with a day camp, were invited to a home for a meal and were led on a tour of Jerusalem by Shukri Merizian, tour guide extraordinaire. They worshipped in Ramallah and went with their youth group to a local village park and pool.