ELCJHL Celebrates Ordination of Rev. Ashraf Tannous

Local and international pastors surround the newly-ordained Rev. Ashraf Tannous in prayer for his life and ministry. Photo © www.ryanrodrickbeiler.com

JERUSALEM, 24 April 2012 – There was much joy and celebration as Vicar Ashraf Tannous was Ordained to the Ministry of Word and Sacrament Sunday afternoon, 22 April 2012, at the Evangelical Lutheran Church of the Redeemer in Jerusalem.

With more than 250 people gathered, including bishops, pastors and lay members; musicians and singers; young and old; local and international representatives, the excitement was palpable as all waited to celebrate this day of transition and articulate the call of Vicar Ashraf Tannous.

It had been a day long awaited for, since the now Rev. Tannous began his theological studies in 2004.

In his sermon, Bishop Younan focused on the characteristics of the Good Shepherd in action, voice, and community. First, the Good Shepherd as the one who laid down his life for the sheep, taking a position of lowly service. Second, the Good Shepherd as the one whose voice we are called to listen to in study and prayer, and reflect in honesty, and sincerity. And Third, the Good Shepherd as the one who preserves the flock in unity, encouraging the many and varied gifts of those gathered.

In closing, Bishop Younan called Rev. Tannous to always “remember Paul’s words of encouragement to Timothy. Trust in the Lord, and the Lord will be there to help you… Preach the Gospel… preaching boldly; knowing it is God’s word. And, most importantly, whatever you do, do it with prayer and in a spirit of humility.”

In his words of greeting the newly-ordained Rev. Ashraf Tannous, giving praise to God, thanked his family; Bishop Younan and all the pastors of the ELCJHL; Rev. Dietrich Fricke, his internship supervisor in Germany; his home congregation and its school “who always showed forth their love and support;” and for all those assembled.

“I ask you dear sisters and brothers in Christ,” Rev. Tannous said in closing, ”to remember me, my colleagues, our church, the ELCJHL, and all of the Christian churches in the Holy Land in your daily prayers. May we ever be strengthened in proclaiming Jesus’ word, carrying Jesus’ message, and serving in Jesus’ name all who are in need.”

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Thank you for answering the call to serve, Rev. Tannous! We are overjoyed to have you as the newest pastor serving in the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Jordan and the Holy Land!

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