PHOTOS: Beit Sahour Kindergarten Visits Olive Press

(© D. Hudson/ELCJHL)

BEIT SAHOUR – During the fall, the ELCJHL schools pick olives and visit olive presses as part of their learning. On Wednesday, October 29th, 2014, The ELS Beit Sahour kindergarten visited an olive press in Beit Sahour to learn more about how olive oil is made.

Olive Festival in Bethlehem

Dark skies and rain didn’t stop the Sixth Annual Olive Harvest Festival in Bethlehem Saturday, October 28th, in Manger Square. The festival is sponsored by the ELCJHL’s Environmental Education Center, the Bethlehem Peace Center, the Chamber of Commerce and Industry and the East Jerusalem YMCA. Marking the harvest of the Palestinian traditional olive harvest, Palestinians near Bethlehem celebrate with this festival on Manger Square that draws organizations who do traditional practices with olives and olivewood carving, embroider and other traditional crafts. Throughout the day, debkha dancers, singers, puppet shows and other performers entertained the crowd. Many groups came for the festival and to see the traditional site of where Jesus was born, the Church of the Nativity.