Evangelical Lutheran School Beit Sahour and Erich-Maria-Remarque Realschule School Sign Partnership

Shaking Hands
Signing the partnership
Evangelical Lutheran Beit Sahour School and Erich-Maria-Remarque Realschule
School sign partnership. (@ ELCJHL)

BEIT SAHOUR – On Saturday, January 4, 2014, a group from Erich-Maria-Remarque Realschule in Osnabrück, Germany visited the Evangelical Lutheran School in Beit Sahour to sign a school partnership. This partnership was signed by representatives of both schools in cooperation with the German Palestinian Association.

The goals of this partnership include the following:
• To build up a partnership between the two schools of Beit Sahour and Osnabrück.
• To promote and develop links between the schools by bringing together the students and staff from different backgrounds and cultures.
• To agree to a shared vision for collaboration through joint projects and regular visits.
• To provide further opportunities for the students and the staff from both schools to develop both personally and educationally through the participation in this partnership scheme.

We are thrilled to be in partnership with Erich-Maria-Remarque Realschule of Osnabrück, Germany. We look forward to building a strong relationship and close ties with the students and staff of this school. In addition, we will develop a student exchange program between the two schools. This exchange program will begin in the next academic year.

Shaking Hands
Shaking hands to make official the signing of the agreement. (©ELCJHL)