‘Do not leave us alone in this struggle,’ bishop says

ELCJHL Bishop Munib A. Younan’s words at the 13th assembly of the Conference of European Churches apparently have deeply resonated with people around the world. The Ecumenical News International article on his address has been posted widely around the internet.

At the July 15-21 event in Lyon, France, Younan was encouraged to set aside prepared remarks and speak extemporaneously to the audience of some 800 people. Younan appealed to European churches for their support for peace in the Middle East. “I ask you as our brothers and sisters in Christ, do not leave us alone, do not leave us alone in the struggle,” Younan stated.

Above right, Bishop Younan is pictured addressing the assembly with H.B. Daniel, Patriarch of the Romanian Orthodox Church, in the foreground. (Photo: www.peterwilliams.ch) For more on the conference, see the CEC website here.