ELCJHL Remembers Bishop Emeritus Daoud Haddad

Bishop Haddad

More than 200 gathered in the Church of the Ascension in the Augusta Victoria Hospital complex on the Mt. of Olives in Jerusalem Sunday for the funeral of Bishop Emeritus Daoud Haddad, the first bishop of the ELCJHL. The burial followed in Bethlehem, where the Beit Sahour Scout Troop met the procession to the cemetery. Bishop Haddad died Monday, March 19, after a brain hemorrhage suffered the previous Friday. We mourn his loss and offer our prayers to his family that he leaves behind, his wife, Aida; sons Usama and Charlie; daughters Carol, Beatrice and Erna; beloved grandchildren, and many friends and colleagues.

Bishop Haddad was born in Lebanon in 1914, studied theology in Switzerland and then Germany, and was ordained in Jerusalem in 1940. He was consecrated as the first Bishop of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Jordan in 1979, and served until 1986, when he was succeeded by the late Bishop Naim Nasser. Bishop Munib Younan followed Bishop Nasser in 1997.

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