Pastor Azar Honored For 25 Years of Service

Pastor Ibrahim Azar
Pastor Ibrahim Azar receives a plaque honoring his 25 years of service to the ELCJHL. © Danae Hudson/ELCJHL

JERUSALEM – The ELCJHL celebrated the 25th anniversary of ordination of Pastor Sani Ibrahim Azar during the Arabic Speaking Congregation’s Palm Sunday service at the Chapel of the Ascension.  Pastor Azar has spent his 25 years at the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Jordan and the Holy Land at the Lutheran Church of the Redeemer in Jerusalem.  Pastor Azar has also worked in the past as a youth pastor and as President of the Synod.  He currently serves on a number of committees for the ELCJHL.

Pastor Azar was honored by Bishop Younan, the Bishop of the ELCJHL; Mr. Samih Abu Leil, the Vice President of the Synod; Ms. Rima Khleif; and Ms. Aida Haddad and Mr. Ghassan Kasabreh with gifts, poems, and words of thanks.  Bishop Younan delivered a speech on the three qualities that have made Pastor Azar so successful including his humility and his natural ability for pastoral care and counseling.  Bishop Younan spoke admirably about Pastor Azar’s true Lutheran spirit and how he has kept unity in his congregation.

Congratulations to Pastor Azar for all of his hard work and faithful service and great thanks for his dedication and the dedication of his wife and family to the call of the church.

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