Summer 2022 Education Staff Retreat

This week, educational staff from Dar Al Kalima in Bethlehem, School of Hope in Ramallah, the Evangelical Lutheran School of Beit Sahour, and Al Mahaba Kindergarten took a trip up north together! Staff had the amazing opportunity to spend time together not only touring, but also spending time in reflection together with each other and our pastors.

The group visited Caesarea, Akka, Tiberia, and even got to go rafting on the Hasbani River. Each morning and night, the group got together to reflect in guided discussions, which was a great way to continue building community.

Many thanks to our generous supporters for making this possible, to the Education Office for their brilliant organization of the trip, and to our wonderful Education Staff for all the hard work they put in each year to provide a high-quality education for our students.

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