Spring Education Day at Evangelical Lutheran Schools 2019

Students from Dar al-Kalima Evangelical Lutheran School crane forward to see their peers from Beit Sahour dance traditional Palestinian Dabke. Photo by Adrainne Gray/ELCJHL

Beit Sahour – The Evangelical Lutheran Schools (ELS) 2019 Spring Educational Day was held on a cool, clear day 17th April. The Evangelical Lutheran Church in Jordan and the Holy Land Bishop Sani Ibrahim Azar, Principal Georgette Rabadi, and ELS Director of Education Dr. Charlie Haddad welcomed volunteers, pastors, administrators from The ELCJHL’s  four participating schools, representatives of the Palestinian Authority Ministry of Education and Bethlehem Director of Education to the celebration of academic competition.

Spring Educational Day is an opportunity for students to showcase their language, scientific, and humanities skills in friendly competitions.

  • Arabic Forum: Mini-talks and Q&A for Grades 5-6-7
  • English Language Bowl: Mini-talks and Spelling Bee for Grades 8-9-10
  • Information Marathon: Q&A for Grade 11, Scientific & Humanities Streams

Students prepared themselves throughout the winter for the Educational Day.

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