Pastor Imad Haddad and Pastor Saliba Rishmawi ordained “in the midst of reality” in ELCJHL

Rev. Imad Haddad, Bishop Munib Younan, and Rev. Saliba Rishmawi

March 2, 2008 – Pastor Imad Haddad and Pastor Saliba Rishmawi were ordained into the ELCJHL today in the midst of massive loss of life in Gaza. About 100 people have been killed in Gaza in the last five days in massive and constant airstrikes, incursions and bombings, sparked Israel says by one man killed in Sderot on Wednesday and Palestinian rockets reaching into Ashkelon. The Lutheran Church of the Redeemer was filled, although many, including the whole choir of the Beit Sahour school, were not able to attend despite having received permits.

Click here for pictures. Click here for video.

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