Our Brand

The Evangelical Lutheran Church in Jordan and the Holy Land has established graphic standards for how to treat the ELCJHL brandmark. Consistency is the key to professionalism. One way to make our unity visual is to adhere to our brand standards. Please follow these guidelines to present a consistent appearance and message to both members and non-members throughout the world. Variations to the brandmark, even slight, can cause confusion, and give the impression of disorganization. Below you will find the official logo, Powerpoint template, colors and type font of the ELCJHL.

ELCJHL Official Logo (as of 2018)

Powerpoint Template


Theme Colors and Type Font

Fonts: Cambria Bold Italic, Cambria Bold, Cambria Italic, Cambria, Charter, Renaissance, Symbol


Color #1 RGB R:219, G:204, B:203   CMYK 13%, 18%, 14%, 0% HEX #dacccb

Color #2 RGB R:231, G:226, B:222   CMYK 8%, 8%, 10%, 0% HEX #e6eldd

Color #3 RGB R:236, G:172, B:32   CMYK 7%, 34%, 100%, 0% HEX #ecac1f

Color #4 RGB R:79, G:30, B:75   CMYK 68%, 96%, 40%, 37% HEX #4fld4a

Color #5 RGB R:160, G:62, B:70   CMYK 24%, 85%, 65%, 21% HEX #9f3d45