Orphanages, Services to Needy Children and Jobs under Threat in Hebron

On Feb. 26, the Israeli Army issued (6) military orders of closure and eviction for (2) orphanages and (3) schools and other facilities of the Islamic Charitable Society in Hebron charging that they support terrorism.  Lawyers for the Society have said that the IDF refuses to show them the evidence, claiming it is secret.  The lawyers are asking them to prosecute individuals with due process and not to punish needy children and the 500 people the organizations employ.  Human rights groups, including the United Nations Human Rights Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights in the occupied Palestinian territory are working together to keep the organizations open.  Many of the children at the orphanages have no place else to go but already large extended families.

See www.hebronorphans.blogspot.com
Watch a video
of the orphanages.

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