Olive Harvest 2021

This week, students from all ELCJHL schools participated in an olive harvest campaign.

In Palestine, olive picking is a joy and an important part of the Palestinian identity, but it is a lot of work. Often, farmers recruit many family members, friends, and volunteers from the community to help harvest all the olives and ensure there are as little olives left behind as possible.

This Monday, the ELS school did a farm tour that ended with olive harvesting to help out the Sarras farm. Also on Monday, students from Dar Al Kalima visited the EEC’s campus. The EEC is host to a garden full of olive trees, and students learned about the impact of the olive harvest on the economy, agriculture, and Palestinian culture before assisting in the harvest.

On Thursday, students from Talitha Kumi arrived at the EEC to lend their helping hands. They similarly learned about the impact of the olive and its economic, cultural, and health impacts on Palestinian society before an afternoon of harvest.

In Ramallah on Thursday students from the School of Hope were also picking olives and discussing how important olive trees are to Palestinian culture. Watch the video below for a glimpse at the student harvest this year at School of Hope.

We are so happy to welcome the olive harvest season and all that it means for Palestinian society, and look forward to the Olive Harvest Festival, hosted by the EEC, that will be happening next week!

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