Dayroyo Boulus Khano transcribes the Four Gospels into Syriac Aramaic Language

February 22nd was a historic night here in the Holy Land. Dayroyo Boulus Khano, a monk at the St. Mark’s Syriac Orthodox Monastery in Jerusalem and an important friend to the ELCJHL, has launched his four gospels handwritten in ancient Syriac Aramaic. Dayroyo Boulus has studied this language since the young age of twelve, when … [Read more…]

Church Council Election Results

As part of the democratic process of the ELCJHL, we are pleased to announce a successful conclusion to our church’s elections for the Synod Council (legislative body), and the Church Council (executive body) elections. For the Synod Council elections, Reverend Imad Haddad will continue to serve as the synod president. Mr. Bassam Mussalam was elected … [Read more…]

Greek Orthodox Patriarch Christmas Celebration and Gathering of Heads of Churches

On January 10th, Bishop Ibrahim Azar, accompanied by Reverend Fursan Ayed Zumot, Reverend Gabi Aelabouni, Reverend Doctor Meghan Aelabouni, Reverend Carrie Ballenger, and Probst Joachim Lenz, were welcomed to the Greek Orthodox Patriarch in the Old City of Jerusalem to celebrate the Christmas holiday together. Each Head of Church spoke to those gathered, reflecting on … [Read more…]

Women’s Desk New Year’s Congregational Trip

On January 7th, members of our Ramallah, Jerusalem, Beit Jala, Bethlehem, and Beit Sahour congregations each boarded a bus and headed north. Our Gender Justice Program Coordinator, Ranan Issa, worked hard to create a wonderful experience for all our interested participants, including many who were able to receive special permission to pass the checkpoint just … [Read more…]

Merry Christmas!

The ELCJHL had a jam-packed Christmas season filled with caroling, worship, candle-lighting, and fellowship. We rejoiced in school Christmas programs, a multitude of Christmas bazaars, eco-Christmas creations through our Environmental Education Center, local musicians, parades, and everything in between! If you’re interested in learning about more details from our 2021 Christmas season, we invite you … [Read more…]

Palestinian National Teacher’s Day

Yesterday was Palestinian Teacher’s Day! Our schools celebrated our amazing staff at all of our schools with food, speeches from our principals, and gifts for each staff member. Though yesterday was the national holiday, we thank God every day for our amazing teaching staff at each of our schools. Without them, our educational ministry is … [Read more…]

“Made in God’s Image”: The ELCJHL’s Journey toward Gender Justice Documentary

A twenty-minute documentary was released this month at the second annual ELCJHL Gender Justice Conference about the Lutheran Ecclesiastical Courts, and how they came to be. As family laws in Palestine often cripple women financially, occupationally, and socially, the commitment of the Lutheran Ecclesiastical Courts to fight just as hard for women’s rights as they … [Read more…]

Joint Christian Christmas Service at the Church of the Nativity

This past Friday, leaders and representatives from each Christian church in the Bethlehem area congregated as one Christian community to celebrate the beginning of the Christmas season. The ELCJHL was represented by bishop Sani Ibrahim Azar, Reverend Doctor Munther Isaac, and Reverend Ashraf Tannous. Attendees sang together, and enjoyed music by a local youth music … [Read more…]