Jewish-Christian Dialogue in Partnership with Church of the Rhineland

During the week of November 15th, the ELCJHL welcomed both Jewish and Christian leaders from around the world to partake in meaningful conversation concerning the topics of theology, religion, politics, and faith. Both bishop Ibrahim Azar and bishop Munib Younan partook in conversation, as well as Reverend Doctor Munther Isaac, Reverend Ashraf Tannous, and Pastor Munther, along with other Palestinian Christian leaders.

It is always a large responsibility to present the Palestinian Christian perspective in conversations like these, and we are thankful for our pastors who work so hard to be able to deliver this message in a representative, accessible, and thought-provoking way. The group adhered to discussion rules as introduced by discussion leader Oberkirchenätin Barbara Rudolph, the goal of which was to create a space for disagreement and argument that is still centered around respect.

As a church that is always reforming to best love and serve the vulnerable in our community, we deeply value conversation with those whose backgrounds and beliefs differ from our own. Conversations like these make our community, our faith, and our ministry even stronger. We thank our neighbors from around the world for making the time and distance to be here with us.

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