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Waterloo Lutheran Seminary “Inshallah Choir” serenades ELCJHL Bishop Munib Younan after presenting “Sing the Circle Wide: Songs of Faith From Around the World” songbooks.

Jerusalem – Inspired by the soulful songs and comforting worship during a 2007 visit to The Evangelical Lutheran Church in Jordan and Holy Land (ELCJHL) churches, Waterloo Lutheran Seminary Dean Debbie Ludolph developed the Inshallah Choir. The Choir adopted the songs of hope, lament, and praise that uplifted Dean Ludolph and her team during that transformative visit.

In May 2017, Dean Ludolph, the Eastern Synod of Canada, The Evangelical Lutheran Church in Canada Eastern Synod of Canada Bishop Michael Pryse and other seminary guests delivered songbooks, “Sing the Circle Wide: Songs of Faith From Around the World,” to the ELCJHL in appreciation for their friendship and faithfulness.

The songbook includes songs from other countries particularly countries of the Global South that express Inshallah the Arabic word meaning, God Willing.

The Inshallah Choir continues to spread worldwide the Palestinian message of hope at the Hymn Society Annual Conference July 16-20, 2017 in Waterloo, Ontario.


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