ELCJHL’s Diaconal Center

Though the ELCJHL has always had services which fall under the umbrella of Diaconal Ministry, some new partnerships and the addition of our new Diaconal Ministry Director Ms. Rana Zeidan M.S.W., has allowed us a much-needed opportunity to restructure and centralize our synod’s social services.

The effects of the COVID-19 pandemic have been detrimental to the Palestinian economy, the destruction of which has seeped into every aspect of Palestinian life. Though poverty was a prevailing issue before the pandemic, lack of tourists pouring international money into Bethlehem has left many families unable to put food on the table, pay electric bills, and manage school fees for their children.

Additional aspects of this project will include distribution of food vouchers redeemable at local grocery stores for eligible families in need, financial support in paying home bills for eligible families, spiritual council from Rana or one of our pastors, financial help with school fees for eligible families, and training courses in community-requested areas such as job preparedness, child management, and business.

This project is made possible by our amazing partners, FELM, Kirch in Actie, and the ELCA. We are so grateful for their partnership and for believing in us and our mission.

Stay tuned for updates about the Diaconal Ministry of the ELCJHL.