ELCJHL welcomes six Young Adults in Global Mission

For the first time, six Young Adults in Global Mission – a ministry of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of America – have been assigned to Jerusalem and the West Bank. For the next year, they will serve in various ELCJHL school and other ministries. The YAGMs recently met with ELCJHL Bishop Younan, who welcomed them and told them of the important role they can play in “breaking the circle of anti-American sentiment in the Middle East.”

The ELCA Young Adults in Global Mission program provides one-year mission service and learning opportunities in international settings. As the young adult volunteers offer themselves in service, they also learn more about themselves, their relationship with God and their place in God’s world. Young adults are transformed by their experiences, equipping them upon return to take on responsibilities within the church and to provide a global perspective on issues facing the church and society.

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