ELCJHL Schools Celebrate Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day, March 21, is a big day in Palestine. All the schools have special programs for mothers. Children at Al Mahaba Kindergarten sang songs, gave a small gift to their mothers and they all had a party. Students at each of the four Lutheran Schools prepared speeches, music, refreshments, and gifts to honor mothers.

Dar al-Kalima Evangelical Lutheran School in Bethlehem combined their festivities with an open day, when special school-wide activities replaced the normal class schedule. Kindergarten classes had a bus excursion to an amusement center for games and a picnic. After sharing class breakfasts with their teachers, students displayed their arts and craft projects from the extra curriculum program, and later participated in a special assembly with songs and music. Playground activities and games between students and teachers took place later in the morning. Similar activities took place in the Beit Sahour and Ramallah schools.

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