Ideas for Your Congregation

Here are some ideas as to how the ELCJHL Libraries Project may be incorporated into your congregation:

  1. Congregational Leaders:
    • Use the ELCJHL Libraries Project as part of your congregation’s Advent preparations.
    • Incorporate the ELCJHL Libraries Project into your congregation’s Lenten practices.
    • Encourage each member of your congregation to bring a new book to donate on Rally Day.
  2. Teachers:
    • Learning about the Middle East? Why not learn about the ELCJHL, too. Scroll down to find accompanying study materials you can use to help your kids learn how much your students have in common with our students in the Holy Land.
    • Contact the Director of Education Office (communication at elcjhl dot org) in order to establish a partnership with one of our classrooms or schools.
  3. Families and Friends:
    • Do you or your child have a favorite book? Go online and see if it’s one that our teachers are requesting and give it as a gift.
    • Looking for a unique birthday or celebratory gift? Why not give a book to the ELCJHL Libraries Project in honor of the celebration.

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