ELCJHL Libraries Project

Bishop Younan with BibleAbout our Project
The schools of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Jordan and the Holy Land have been providing excellent education for students in Palestinian communities since 1851 – regardless of gender, race, religion, or ability to pay. Our schools teach English from Kindergarten through the 12th grade, equipping students for dialogue with international partners and expanding their opportunities for college and careers.

Through the ELCJHL Libraries Project: Opening a World of Possibilities, we invite you to accompany teachers in the Holy Land as they build English language libraries that foster a love of language and learning right from the start.

A great book has the power to open a world of possibilities!

How it Works

  1. English teachers from the ELCJHL schools compile lists of their favorite books.
  2. Volunteers from the ELCJHL Director of Education Office input the books to the ELCJHL Libraries Project Amazon Store.
  3. Individuals, families, classes, and congregations like YOU purchase books from the on-line store.
  4. These books are shipped to Wartburg Theological Seminary where volunteers unpack, sort, and temporarily store the books.
  5. Our ELCJHL Director of Education Office (at Wartburg) works with individuals and groups visiting the Holy Land, inviting them hand-carry the books to one of our schools, to meet our students and teachers.
  6. The books arrive to the students of the ELCJHL Schools and begin their new journey in the Holy Land.

Spread the Good Word
If you desire to learn more, or share with the people who have bought books more information, we’ve prepared study materials about the ELCJHL just for this purpose!

Download the Study Booklet (PDF)

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