The Church of the Reformation in Beit Jala


The church compound of the Lutheran Church of the Reformation is located on a main street in Beit Jala, which winds up a steep hill. The church steeple can be seen from the street, but many surprises await the first-time visitor upon entering the main gate. A central courtyard on two levels with a raised garden in the middle is very welcoming, and a bronze sculpture in the garden quickly catches the eye. Created by the well-known Palestinian artist Suleiman Mansour, the modernistic sculpture of a family of four standing together in a row with arms outstretched gives the impression of family members loving each other and facing the world together, ready to reach out and embrace that world.

The sculpture is a visual image of the theology and the mission of this Lutheran congregation of the ELCJHL. Ministry to young and old, to families and people living alone, to Christians, Jews and Muslims, to the congregation and to the community at large, to people around the world – all of this and more is caught in the family sculpture showing love, unity, strength, steadfastness and openness.

Surrounding the courtyard are the church sanctuary and several other buildings which house the ministries of the congregation.

Join us for worship on Sunday mornings at 10:30am!

Congregational Life

We worship together in the sanctuary every Sunday, but our worship spills into the week and into everything we do at the Church of the Reformation. We hold two or three weekly Bible studies throughout the year, and during special seasons of the church year we host additional prayer meetings, such as Prayer around the Cross during Lent.

We cherish our youth here at the Church of the Reformation, and we have two youth groups for children and young adults. Our older youth group sells snacks once a month at another Reformation ministry – Tambola (or Bingo) nights where families are invited to pray, socialize, and play games. The youth are enabled to decide what they wish to do with the money they raise and, more often than not, they donate it to the church. Confirmation class is also available as well as a Family Bible Study where parents and their children can join together to learn God’s Word. We have also created a Newly Married Couples Meeting to provide marriage counseling and guidance to those who just entering into family life.

Our Women’s Ministry is also vital to the life of our church, including a bible study and many other activities to grow in faith together and support the life of the church.

Finally, our social ministry, run by our church elders, is always looking for volunteers and your prayers. The elders collect names of the sick and needy and keeps the pastor up-to-date on what’s going on in the congregation. Once a month, the pastor will also give Holy Communion and prayers with the elderly and homebound, as well as visiting local hospitals.

Pastor Ashraf Tannous

Reverend Ashraf Tannous was born and raised in Ramallah, and was schooled at our very own School of Hope K-12. He did his undergraduate studies at the Near Eastern School of Theology in Beirut, Lebanon. Reverend Ashraf then went into seminary at the Bousse Seminary in Geneva, Switzerland. After seminary, Reverend Ashraf was an intern in Rietberg, Germany. He was ordained into the ELCJHL in 2012 and was first called as an associate pastor alongside Reverend (now Bishop) Ibrahim Azar in Jerusalem. Shortly after, he was called to serve at the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Beit Sahour. In 2019, the ELCJHL called Reverend Ashraf to serve the congregation of the Church of Reformation in Beit Jala, which he continues to minister to today. For eight years, Reverend Ashraf led the Youth Desk. In 2020 this ministry changed hands to Reverend Rodny Said, and Reverend Ashraf now serves on our Ecclesiastic Court. Reverend Ashraf is married to Mrs. Wadia Boustany, and has three boys, Basil, Wissam, and Razan. Pastor Ashraf speaks German fluently, and is currently working toward a Doctorate of Ministry from the United Lutheran Seminary of Philadelphia, PA, which he hopes to complete in 2023. Reverend Ashraf also serves as the Head of the ELCJHL’s Ecclesiastical Court.


The Lutheran church in Beit Jala has a long history, dating back to 1845. A missionary from southern Germany, Mr. Mueller, gathered local people together for Bible studies and devotions. This missionary effort was separate from the Anglican-Lutheran joint project that began in Palestine in the 1840s and 50s. When Missionary Mueller left, another German missionary, Mr. Schneller, succeeded him. Missionary Schneller was able to establish an actual Lutheran congregation in Beit Jala. Mr. Giries Abu Dayyeh, the head of a clan (mukhtar) in the town at that time, was the first to join this Lutheran congregation.

The congregational members, led by Mukhtar Abu Dayyeh, wanted to build a church sanctuary. Missionary Schneller and the congregation, with help from the Jerusalem Foundation in Berlin, Germany, built the church, which was dedicated in 1886. In 1887 Evangelist Bishara Can’an was appointed to serve the church on behalf of the Jerusalem Foundation.

In 1959 the Lutheran Church of the Reformation formally became a congregation of the newly formed Evangelical Lutheran Church in Jordan, ELCJ (the West Bank and East Jerusalem being under Jordan’s administration at that time). From this long and rich history has emerged a congregation that is very cognizant of the needs of people in the surrounding community and finds many creative ways to address those needs.

Service Times

Sunday: 10:30 a.m.

Contact Us

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