ELCJHL Explores “Christians in a Changing World”

July Retreat 2007Families from the five ELCJHL churches gathered during the first days of July in Jericho for a retreat about “Christians in a Changing Society.” As usual, the Amman congregation could not join because of the stringent movement restrictions and permit system. About 60 people gathered for the event, a mix of Bible study, lectures, prayer, discussion, fun and fellowship. Bishop Younan and Redeemer Pastor Sani Ibrahim Azar gave a foundation of Lutheran theology and the church’s role in a modern world. They tackled some of the same challenges that are the same world-wide: protecting children from the negative influences of globalization and internet; strengthening relationships in family and marriage with more two-parent working families and other ethical issues. They explored ways of strengthening ties with the church because the church has such deep meaning for them.

July 2007 Retreat

On the lighter side, kids and families splashed in the pool, others played cards or backgammon, and one evening they played a biblical version of “So You Want to Be a Millionaire?” with questions about the Bible.

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