Delegation from the Lutheran Church of Norway Visits the ELCJ

From March 15-23, 2004, a delegation of three people from the Church of Norway, Diocese of Borg, came to Jerusalem, Ramallah, the Bethlehem area and also Amman, Jordan, to learn more about the ELCJ churches, schools and community programs, and to enliven the partnership between the Diocese of Borg and the ELCJ.

Bishop Ole Christian Kvarme was the leader of the delegation and was accompanied by the Rev. Olav Fykse Tveit, the new Executive Director of the Church of Norway and Office of International Relations, and the Rev. Leiv Levinsen, a pastor in the Borg Diocese.

The delegation also visited Augusta Victoria Hospital and Norwegian ministries in Israel. The group met several of the Heads of Christian Churches in Jerusalem.

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