Dayroyo Boulus Khano transcribes the Four Gospels into Syriac Aramaic Language

February 22nd was a historic night here in the Holy Land.
Dayroyo Boulus Khano, a monk at the St. Mark’s Syriac Orthodox Monastery in Jerusalem and an important friend to the ELCJHL, has launched his four gospels handwritten in ancient Syriac Aramaic. Dayroyo Boulus has studied this language since the young age of twelve, when he first joined the monastery.
The ELCJHL was proud to support Dayroyo Boulus in this important and unique project. Bishop Ibrahim Azar , alongside many other heads of churches and religious figures, commended Boulus on his hard work, and blessed this new work. Bouslus’s beautiful and historical writings will help connect us to our earliest Christian brothers and sisters, and preserve the beautiful Syriac Aramaic language going forwards.
Alf Mabrouk, congratulations, Dayroyo Boulus Khano!

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