Congratulations to Anna Liza Younan and Nazeeh Khoury

Bishop Younan, Anna Liza and Andrea Younan are above right.

Bishop and Suad Younan had the privilege of participating in the wedding of their daughter, Anna Liza, to Nazeeh Khoury on July 17. The service was at the Orthodox Church in Nazareth, as the custom in Palestine is to get married in the man’s home town and home church. This wedding had a strong ecumenical presence, as Bishop Younan was allowed by the Greek Orthodox Patriarch Theophilis III to deliver a message, which is not the custom. The wedding party was both ecumenical and interfaith, which gave joy to the parents as they celebrated with Muslims, Christians and Jews. Although in any other country this would be a normal family reunion, it was especially special because some of the cousins from Ramle, Ramallah and Jerusalem who hadn’t seen each other in years were able to reconnect. Even though they live 40 kilometers apart, they hadn’t seen each other in 6 years.

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