Church Council Election Results

As part of the democratic process of the ELCJHL, we are pleased to announce a successful conclusion to our church’s elections for the Synod Council (legislative body), and the Church Council (executive body) elections.

For the Synod Council elections, Reverend Imad Haddad will continue to serve as the synod president. Mr. Bassam Mussalam was elected to the vice president position. The Synod Council is composed of representatives of the elected church elders from our six congregations, in addition to four members (co-optive) who are elected by existing members in the first session of the synod. The following were elected as co-optive members:  Mr. Bassam Mussalam, Mr. Jalal Odeh, Mrs. Genia Faccousa, and Mr. Issa Mreibe. Mrs. Genia Faccousa was elected to be the Secretary of the Synod Council.

Having concluded the synod elections, the Synod Council elected the Church Council members. Those elected to serve on the Church Council are Mrs. Hala Tannous, Rev. Dr. Munther Issac, Dr. Khader Zeidan, Dr. Adel Khader, and Mr. Randy Said. This election made history, as Mrs. Hala Tannous is the first woman elected to the Church Council. Bishop Sani Ibrahim Azar, as the head of the Church, serves as the Chairman of the Church Council.

The Synod Council has also elected the Educational Council members. The Educational Council is made up of the Church Council in addition to another three members which they elect. Our elected members to the Educational Council are Ms. Laura Bishara, Mrs. Mary Muallem, and Mr. Raed Ansara.

Our church extends a warm congratulations to our new and returning leadership, and look forward to the next five years of ministry.

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