Palestinian National Teacher’s Day

Yesterday was Palestinian Teacher’s Day! Our schools celebrated our amazing staff at all of our schools with food, speeches from our principals, and gifts for each staff member. Though yesterday was the national holiday, we thank God every day for our amazing teaching staff at each of our schools. Without them, our educational ministry is … [Read more…]

“Made in God’s Image”: The ELCJHL’s Journey toward Gender Justice Documentary

A twenty-minute documentary was released this month at the second annual ELCJHL Gender Justice Conference about the Lutheran Ecclesiastical Courts, and how they came to be. As family laws in Palestine often cripple women financially, occupationally, and socially, the commitment of the Lutheran Ecclesiastical Courts to fight just as hard for women’s rights as they … [Read more…]

Joint Christian Christmas Service at the Church of the Nativity

This past Friday, leaders and representatives from each Christian church in the Bethlehem area congregated as one Christian community to celebrate the beginning of the Christmas season. The ELCJHL was represented by bishop Sani Ibrahim Azar, Reverend Doctor Munther Isaac, and Reverend Ashraf Tannous. Attendees sang together, and enjoyed music by a local youth music … [Read more…]

Inaugural ELCJHL Diaconal Ministry Christmas Concert

Last Sunday night marked the first official event of the reconstructed Diaconal Ministry of the ELCJHL. Starting this month, the ELCJHL’s Diaconal Ministry will begin its work of directly serving the financially and spiritually vulnerable in the community. Bishop Ibrahim Azar welcomed attendees to the concert alongside Pastor Ashraf Tannous and Probst Joachim Lentz. The … [Read more…]

ELCJHL Gender Justice Conference

Faith leaders, governmental officials, and community members gathered in Ramallah yesterday for the ELCJHL Women’s Desk’s second annual national conference entitled “The Path to Gender Justice from a National and Religious Perspective”. This event occurred as part of the #16DaysofActivisim campaign. After opening words from Bishop Ibrahim Azar, online and in-person participants heard from important … [Read more…]

12th Annual Palestinian Conference for Environmental Education and Awareness

One of the EEC The Environmental Education Center ’s biggest events of the year is the annual Palestinian Conference for Environmental Awareness and Education. Environmental researchers, experts, and enthusiasts gather from around the country (with some international presence as well!) to share insight, research, and experience. In addition to sharing, the conference also has an … [Read more…]

LWF Article Highlighting First Female Judge Adv. Scarlet Bishara in Ecclesiastical Court

Click on the link below to read the LWF article which highlights the ELCJHL and our first female judge on the Ecclesiastical Court.

Jewish-Christian Dialogue in Partnership with Church of the Rhineland

During the week of November 15th, the ELCJHL welcomed both Jewish and Christian leaders from around the world to partake in meaningful conversation concerning the topics of theology, religion, politics, and faith. Both bishop Ibrahim Azar and bishop Munib Younan partook in conversation, as well as Reverend Doctor Munther Isaac, Reverend Ashraf Tannous, and Pastor … [Read more…]

2021 Confirmation

The ELCJHL confirmed 21 youth from the Jerusalem and Ramallah congregations during the month of November! To quote Reverend Doctor and Director of the Swedish Theological Institute in Jerusalem Maria Leppäkari, “To be confirmed in the Lutheran Church is to fully understand and embrace the discipleship of Christ. It is to confirm one’s step into … [Read more…]