Olive Harvest Festival 2022

On the 22nd of October, the Environmental Education Center of the ELCJHL facilitated the 22nd Annual Olive Harvest Festival, in cooperation with the Bethlehem Governorate and the Ministry of Agriculture. The olive harvest is very important for the Palestinian economy, and a significant cultural and historical occasion as well. Today, community members gathered for an … [Read more…]

WCC in Karlsruhe, Germany

From August 31st to the 8th of September, delegates and representatives from the ELCJHL were in beautiful Karlsruhe, Germany for the 11th Annual World Council of Churches. The theme of this assembly was “Christ’s love moves the world to reconciliation and unity”.  In total, the ELCJHL was represented by Bishop Sani Ibrahim Azar, Reverend Imad … [Read more…]

ELCJHL Youth in Sweden

“Goddag” from our ELCJHL Arabic Lutheran Church of Redeemer Jerusalem Youth! This past week, Redeemer youth attended an international youth gathering in Stallarholmen, Sweden. Youth had the chance to go swimming, canoeing, learn some archery, and learn a little about Swedish culture. They met youth from around the world, and learned skills like problem-solving together. … [Read more…]

Summer 2022 Education Staff Retreat

This week, educational staff from Dar Al Kalima in Bethlehem, School of Hope in Ramallah, the Evangelical Lutheran School of Beit Sahour, and Al Mahaba Kindergarten took a trip up north together! Staff had the amazing opportunity to spend time together not only touring, but also spending time in reflection together with each other and … [Read more…]

New Research from the EEC

Did you know there is a bird ringing and monitoring station at the ELCJHL’s Environmental Education Center? Throughout the year, Executive Director Simon Awad, along with bird researcher Michael Farhoud and college student and EEC researcher Bashar Jarseyeh, document and study birds who come through the center through their ringing process. In 2015, the center … [Read more…]