Bishop Younan Speaks in Milan, Italy on Co-existence in the Middle East

On March 23, 2004, Bishop Younan was the first of four lecturers in a series of cultural and religious events in Milan, Italy. Speaking on the topic “Co-Existence in Jerusalem and the Middle East,” Bishop Younan stated: “Jerusalem does not need walls. Jerusalem needs more places for bringing people together for mutual understanding. Christians around the world must help us by insisting on inclusivism, rather than any exclusive visions for Jerusalem. This city, Jerusalem, needs to be inclusive for all five groupings of people: Jews, Christians, Muslims, Israelis and Palestinians.”

The four lectures in March, April and May are being sponsored by four cultural and religious groups in Milan: the Goethe Institut, the Casa della Cultura, the Communita di Sant Egidio, and the Chiesa Cristiana Protestante in Milano.

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