Bishop and ELCJHL delegation visit Diocese of Stragnas

This week, Bishop Sani Ibrahim Azar , Reverend Rodny Said, and Mrs. Rana Kattan Zeidan are in Sweden representing the ELCJHL. They are meeting with the Dioces of Stragnas and many members and pastors of the Church of Sweden.

During this week, the ELCJHL representatives are sharing about the ELCJHL and its ministry, with a specific emphasis on the youth of our church.

We are lucky to have such wonderful representation and such warm invitation in Sweden! We pray for safe return travels for Bishop Azar, Pastor Rodny, and Mrs. Rana, and thank the Dioces of Sweden for being such excellent hosts. 🇸🇪🇸🇪

(Photos courtesy of Reverend Rodny Said)

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