Bishop Accompanies Congregation Member through Land Dispute

On the eighth of October, 2021, Bishop Sani Ibrahim Azar, along with religious leaders from various local church institutions, accompanied church member and ELCJHL school principal Anton Nassar to his family land.

This land is currently undergoing extreme conflict both from the occupying Israeli government and the family’s neighbors. For many years, the Nassar family has shown immeasurable strength and steadfastness in the fight to keep their family land. The Evangelical Lutheran Church in Jordan and the Holy Land fully supports the Nassar family, and is dedicated to staying by their side as they continue to struggle through the legal battles surrounding this issue. Our church community is stronger with the support of one another, and we walk with our congregational members through both joys and trials. May God bless the Nassar family and their difficult journey toward rightful land autonomy.

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