Bird Week Fall 2021

It’s bird week at the Environmental Education Center!

This week, students from 9 different schools, as well as several community members and government officials, are flocking to the EEC to celebrate and learn about the birds of Palestine. Today, Bishop Ibrahim Azar visited to partake in the festivities. He offered an important piece of wisdom to the students, recalling the story of Noah’s Ark and how important the dove carrying the olive branch is to this story. In this story and in Palestine today, birds are a sign for peace. Bishop advocated for the protection of birds and their habitat through responsible human actions.

With the help of the EEC’s Director Simon Awad and EEC bird researcher Bashar Jarayseh, Bishop Azar, Director of Natural Resources Department Issa Edwan, and participating students all released two native eagle species and an owl, along with several sparrows. These birds have all been rehabilitated and marked through the Talitha Kumi Bird Ringing and Monitoring Station, which is run by the center’s team of bird researchers.

Bird Week will continue through Friday, with participation from Dar Al Kalima and Talitha Kumi students later this week.

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