Back to School for The Evangelical Lutheran Schools’ 2018-19 School Year – “Hope” Deputy Principal Reflects

As The Evangelical Lutheran Schools (ELS) begin their 2018-19 Academic school year this week, The Evangelical Lutheran School of Hope – Ramallah Deputy Principal Ms. Mays Husary reflects on her successes and challenges from the last school year and shares her hopes and excitement for the coming year. 

Ms. Mays Husary

By Ms. Mays Husary,

Ramallah – In April of 2017 I became the Deputy Principal at the Evangelical Lutheran School of Hope – Ramallah (SoH).

During that first year I faced many challenges and obstacles and made mistakes, but above all, I have learned.

Now that I am familiar with school procedures, regulations, laws, legislation, staff and students, I believe that the 2018-19 school year will bring continuous development of the school improvement plan. The school improvement plan states that the school administration (represented by its principal and staff), the school’s local committee, the ELCJHL Director of Education and the ELCJHL church council will collaborate to provide an excellent education at SoH.

One of the first steps in providing that stellar education is to ensure that students have a beautiful and safe learning environment.

Therefore, The Evangelical Lutheran School of Hope moved to its new campus the year I began as Deputy Principal. Despite the challenges, the students now have a better physical infrastructure and a healthy learning environment.

Classroom sizes in the new building are bigger, and most of them are equipped with projectors. In our old facility, there was only one science lab; however, the new campus offers students three labs for Biology, Chemistry, and Physics. The students are no longer crowded in one playground but have two recess spaces with green areas at the new site.

Having bigger classrooms with technology makes it easier for teachers to implement new techniques and methods.

These new techniques are in accordance with ELS’ holistic education, critical thinking and its participatory philosophy, which is achieved by the new administration.

Next year, we are all looking forward to the half Olympic pool with a fully equipped exercise gym and a cafeteria that will be a community center in the afternoon.  Although the school building and facilities are not finished for expansion and more student admissions, the Evangelical Lutheran School of Hope in cooperation with the church are working hard to complete the unfinished parts, and prepare the school for an increase in the student body.

I am proud to be part of this enthusiastic student body and staff.  I will always be committed to my role, and to nurture our students into becoming creative, capable and innovative learners.

Our philosophy encourages and trains teachers to employ active learning methods.

I hope that our students will be more than just students but become responsible community members of the future and advocates of The Evangelical Lutheran School of Hope. We strive to make Hope the best school in Palestine.



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