A 25th Anniversary in Nablus

Bishop Younan and Archiemadrite Mtanios Haddad of the Greek Melkite Church in Jerusalem led a delegation to Nablus to participate in the 25th Anniversary Mass for Father Yusef Saad. The church was overflowing with worshippers who attended the mass, held one year after they had celebrated the 25th anniversary of the church with a blessing of a whole new set of icons (pictured below). Father Sa’ad and his wife welcomed the crowd briefly to their house and then to a banquet where the celebration continued. In the Oriental traditions, men can become priests after they are married, if the community agrees that the family is a good role model. According to Bishop Younan, it is crucial that all of the Christians of the Holy Land support one another as members of the same Body of Christ. The elders of the Christian community in Nablus appreciate these visits, as their community has dwindled to 650 out of a population of 130,000. The delegation ended the day by going to the Christian Muktar’s new home to bless his house.

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