12th Annual Palestinian Conference for Environmental Education and Awareness

One of the EEC The Environmental Education Center ’s biggest events of the year is the annual Palestinian Conference for Environmental Awareness and Education. Environmental researchers, experts, and enthusiasts gather from around the country (with some international presence as well!) to share insight, research, and experience.

In addition to sharing, the conference also has an interactive aspect. Participants are welcome to ask questions and create discussion on how we can all work to protect Palestinian biodiversity and mitigate climate change. Bishop Ibrahim Azar shared opening words with the conference, in which he iterated the importance of environmental awareness to the community, and encouraged each attendee to value this scholarly discussion.

The EEC’s Executive Director Simon Awad further expressed the importance of this conference and the urgency of Palestine’s environmental situation. Environmental stewardship in Palestine comes with many more hurdles than other places. Discussion about the environment cannot happen without discussion of resource restriction, land violation, man-made borders, and much more. While the ultimate goal of these conversations is environmental health, this can not come without environmental justice.

We thank all for coming to the 12th Annual Palestinian Conference for Environmental Awareness and Education, and applaud our participating scholars and all who are actively working toward environmental justice in Palestine. Finally, we thank the EEC and their incredible staff for all the hard work that went into this successful event

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