ELCJHL Director of Education Staff, Teachers, and Administrators Gather for Workshop on Conflict Resolution

ELCJHL Teachers work together at Workshop on Conflict Resolution

Three ELCJHL Teachers work together in a small group session of the recent Workshop on Conflict and Resolution planned by the ELCJHL Director of Education. Click here or on the photo to the right to see more photos from the workshop.

JERUSALEM/JERICHO, 10 March, 2011 – From February 24-26 all of the teachers, program directors, and staff of the ELCJHL Schools and Educational Programs gathered in Jericho to learn and to practice creative, positive, and effective conflict resolution in a workshop planned and carried out by the ELCJHL Director of Education Office.

The workshop also invited Student and Parent Council Representatives to join in the conversation as dialogue partners on Friday, February 25.

Through interactive opportunities for reflection and learning including skits, small groups, role reversals and video clips, teachers, students, and parents alike were invited to step into one another’s shoes within a safe environment.

Lectures and presentations from local and international specialists in Education enhanced the learning and offered new perspectives.

Discussion topics and activities included the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child, Messages from the Students, Issues of Student Individuality, and Conflict Resolution.

It is the goal of the ELCJHL Director of Education Office to empower and equip not only its students, but also their teachers and families as well “through a holistic approach to education.”

Through this workshop, the ELCJHL Director of Education Office hopes that its teachers, staff, and administrators will become more confident in their classroom management and pedagogical skills, while feeling better prepared to negotiate conflict resolution in constructive and respectful ways.

This workshop is one step in the ELCJHL Schools and Educational Programs’ goal to equip their educators and staff with necessary tools to cultivate “wholesome, creative, and innovative students.

Over the last several years, workshops such as this have provided the opportunity for teachers to examine and discuss together ways in which their schools can be positive influences in the lives of their students and their community. Through these workshops, the Schools and Educational Programs of the ELCJHL have developed common Rules and Regulations that promote a “healthy, motivating, stimulating and nurturing school environment.”

The ELCJHL Director of Education Office, ELCJHL teachers, program directors, staff, and students wish to thank the Nordelbisches Missionszentrum (North Elbian Mission Center) for making this workshop possible.

The ELCJHL Director of Education Office is responsible for the four k-12 ELCJHL Schools along with the four Educational Programs of the ELCJHL.

The four k-12 Schools of the ELCJHL have a long history of service to the Palestinian communities, dating back to the foundation of an orphanage and educational program for Arab girls in 1851. This was the first education program for the female youth of Palestine. Today, the four schools are serving more than 2,000 students with the help of more than 200 educators.

Since their beginnings, ELCJHL schools have served the youth of their communities, regardless of gender, race, religion, or ability to pay.

Gender balance and equality is still an emphasis of the ELCJHL Schools, with all schools learning together in a co-educational framework in which 44% of students are female and 56% of students are male.

Peace Education and Interfaith Dialogue are also key emphases of the ELCJHL Schools. Muslim and Christian populations in ELCJHL Schools reflect closely the populations of their communities. On the whole, 52.5% of ELCJHL students are Christian, and 47.5% of students are Muslim.

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