Support Our Ministries

Support the Lutheran Schools in the Holy Land
Your financial support of the ELCJHL schools directly benefits the children who attend. If you would like to join the ELCJHL in its ministry to provide quality education through the five schools in the Holy Land, please follow the instructions given here:

  1. Click here (which will open a new TAB in your web browser, directed to the ELCA Donations Form)
  2. From the pull-down menu in the right column, select “Lutheran Schools in the Holy Land”
  3. Follow the final steps provided in the left column.

Or, feel free to Contact Us with any questions or request to provide donations directed other aspects of the ELCJHL programs.

Support Literacy in the Lutheran Schools in the Holy Land
The ELCJHL Libraries’ Project has ended, but you can still donate books to the ELCJHL.  A wish list of books is still available on the website.  Please contact for more information or to let the ELCJHL know if you have purchased a book from the list.

Support the Baptismal Site at the River Jordan
If you desire to support the Baptismal Site at the River Jordan, please send checks made out to “ELCA” and “GMG0196 – ELCJHL Baptismal Site” noted in the memo line to:

ELCA Global Mission
Attn: Finance, 10th Floor
8765 W. Higgins Rd.
Chicago, IL 60014

All donations are tax deductible (you will receive a tax letter) and will applied directly to project costs.