Martin Luther Community Development Center

The Martin Luther Community Development Center (MLCDC) is located next to the Evangelical Lutheran Church of the Redeemer in Jerusalem’s Old City. It is situated between the Muslim and Christian quarters in a neighborhood with a recent influx of Israeli settlers. This section of East Jerusalem is culturally part of the Palestinian community, which is now cut off from its educational and employment center in the West Bank. The MLCDC addresses the needs of a neighborhood that has limited open spaces, rising unemployment and overcrowding.

The mission of the MLCDC is to strengthen the local community by developing the competencies of its clients through providing opportunities for education, recreation and communication, improving the quality of life for the East Jerusalem community in general and Old City inhabitants in particular. With a Christian tradition and outlook, the MLCDC aims to promote peace, non-violence and dialogue in its unique location among Jerusalem’s three religious groups; it welcomes all who wish to promote these values.

Sports Hall
The sports hall, or fitness center, is open six days a week, excluding Sunday, from 8 a.m.-8 p.m., with special hours for women only, from 4:30-6:30 p.m. Equipment includes a treadmill, cycling machines, a multi-exercise machine, a step machine, a bench press, free weights and a punching bag. New equipment is added regularly. Showers and lockers are also available to patrons, who subscribe on a monthly basis.

Elderly Day Center
The Elderly Day Center employs social workers to meet a range of needs for seniors in the Old City, and to offer an enjoyable, accessible environment for socializing and receiving care.

Children’s Activities Program
A supervised play and activities program takes place once a week in our bright and colorful playroom. Young children engage in structured activities like crafts, cooking, story-telling and games.

Afterschool Sports Program
An afternoon sports program supervised by a local physical education teacher takes place three times per week on the newly resurfaced playground at MLCDC. Children from eight to 14 years from the Old City participate in organized sports like football (soccer), basketball and volleyball. We hope to add equipment for younger children and upgrade the garden where parents, children, and seniors can meet and relax. These features will improve the quality of life for visitors to the Center and residents of the Old City, which lacks safe play areas and public gardens.

Resource and Curriculum Development Center
A Resource and Curriculum Development Center is being established to provide continuous support to the schools and educational programs in their professional growth. ELCJHL educators strive to keep current with developments in educational and pedagogical theory, and to respond to the changing needs of the communities they serve.

Contact Information

Phone: +972 (02) 626-6867

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