ELCJHL Schools & Educational Programs

The ELCJHL Schools and Educational Programs are the educational ministry of the ELCJHL, designed to meet the needs of the Palestinian people as a whole. In embracing and empowering students and families in the region from all religious, economic and social backgrounds, the programs provide the opportunity to live and to learn under the Gospel of Jesus Christ. As each person is created in the image of God, the freedom and dignity of each person is inviolate; we are thus called to accept each other’s gifts, talents and weaknesses.

The work of the ELCJHL Schools and Educational Programs is guided by nine overarching goals that form and shape all that we do:

  1. To develop wholesome, creative, and innovative students through a holistic approach to education that addresses their needs and develops their talents, competencies, inclinations, and ability to cope in an ever-changing world.
  2. To integrate peace education and culture, reinforce democracy, and encourage tolerance, co-existence, love, and respect toward others.
  3. To ameliorate the communication process and encourage exchanges with local and international communities.
  4. To mold and reinforce the national and Christian Palestinian identity.
  5. To provide quality and innovation in teaching and learning
  6. To create a healthy, motivating, stimulating and nurturing school environment.
  7. To appreciate individual differences and assist in integrating students with special needs and/or disabilities in the school and the community.
  8. To reinforce and support the role of women in Palestinian society.
  9. To be financially responsible.

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